Menard Barn

This two-story, timber-framed barn, 26 feet by 36 feet, was built by master timber framer Bud Menard of Jackson, Maine. The materials were provided through a generous $15,000 donation from the Davis Family Foundation. The framework is held securely together by mortise and tenon (no hardware). The frame was constructed in Bud’s shop, assembled on site at the museum (the Pilley House), and then raised by a crane and crew. The timber-framed barn is a masterpiece for the Brooks Historical Society Museum as well as an asset. It is as beautiful inside as outside with eight bays (four to each side) on the first floor, providing floor space for special displays of Brooks’ history. The second floor is spacious and useful for summertime activities such as presentations, workshops and meetings as well as exhibits. As a young man, Bud studied at the Northford Timber Framers School in Connecticut, and since then he has built many timber-framed barns.

Click here to see video of the barn being assembled